Monday, January 02, 2006

The list

I think I've finalized my list for the "Wheel of the Year" project. It's been storming here since New Years Eve, so I'm going to have to wait to get all pictures. The outdoor ones are going to be the worst at this point. I think they will all transfer fairly well when we move to Oregon. Here's the list, the ones in Green are already taken as of today, the rest will have to wait for the weather to co-operate a little more.

1) The nearest tree.
2) A sign that shows the temperature between noon and 1 PM.
3) Progress on the project I'm currently working on.
4) What's for Dinner?
5) View out my bedroom window at 6 PM
6) Good Night Aidan (Aidan sleeping)
7) A construction site
8) An Orchard
9) Down the street (a shot taken from the corner toward where I'm living)
10) Mountains (The mountains range I can see from here and then Mt. Hood in Oregon)
11) A Lake or River (The lake here, and probably the Columbia River while I'm in Hood River then whatever river or lake is nearest)
12) The Park

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