Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Christopher!

My oldest son turned 28 today! I remember being pregnant with him, I remember how I felt when I knew I was actually in labor. It seems like just last week when the Doctor told me I was fully dilated but he couldn't feel the babies head so we would need an x-ray to find out what was happening. I can close my eyes and see the x-ray of my baby high up in my uterus, breech, legs crossed and sucking his thumb. I shiver with fear when I remember hearing the Doctor saying "We are going to have to do a C-section. If the placenta should detach before his head comes out he might suffer brain damage from lack of oxygen, or he could die." I remember looking down into his tiny little face, and feeling that rush of love I always feel when thinking of him for the first time. I might not be able to remember a lot of details of his growing up, but I remember how it felt when he was little and kissed me, or when he was a teen-ager and hugged me.

Happy Birthday Christopher, I hope that your day has been and will continue to be special you deserve it.


Granny said...

Thank you for your kind words today. I love the small world of the internet and wish I'd known you when we were neighbors. I've "met" a friend from my small home town, another from 5 miles down the road from the town in AR where I lived, another who lives about 30 miles south of where I am now, and now you.

Happy Birthday to your Christoper. I notice you have a Valentine's Day child as well.

And a Happy Mother's Day.

Messed up Mama said...

Thank you for stopping by and for the nice comments.

The Boy is the best Valentines day gift I ever got.

Happy Mother's day to you too.