Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Reduced energy.

Why is it that when I have the least to give, (energy, strength or emotion) the people around me ask and need the most? It seems like every time I get busy with the dishes or caring for the Sweet little Girl, Aidan needs something to eat or drink or just needs me. Howard isn't much better. For some reason he thinks I should be cooking for him when ever he is home. Today for example: he wanted a sandwich, a grilled ham and cheese, and asked me when I was going to make it for him. The Boy then wanted one too. Sweet Little Girl was about 5 minutes from taking a nap, so she was a bit fussy as well.

Normally that wouldn't have been so bad, but today I'm tired because The Boy took a nap yesterday and then stayed up until 2:30 AM fussing. I also have a head ache, probably because it's that time of the month, or because I only had four and a half hours of sleep last night, or maybe both. Anyway, I could have handled making lunch after Sweet Little Girl was sleeping, but for some reason they didn't really want to wait. I got it taken care of, and she is sleeping right now, so I guess I had enough energy after all.

Maybe I'm just grumpy today and all this is really just a symptom of my grouchiness.


Sharon said...

Feel free to be grouchy! If they don't want to fend for themselves then they should learn to wait.

I'm not surprised you have a headache with so little sleep. Do try and grab a nap when you can and try for a better night of sleep tonight.

Remember - grouch away here. We'll understand and it's better to let it out somewhere than keep it in.

Messed up Mama said...

I did get a nap, and felt much better, but the headache still lingered until morning.