Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's almost like having twins.

I'm babysitting again. This time we have a 5 year old boy. His Mom works at the Casino at the gas station. His birthday is one day after The Boy's. I didn't realise how well The Boy pronounces words until I met this boy. He is kind of hard to understand, most of the time. But he is a nice kid, and he and The Boy seem to be getting along pretty well. (It's been two days.) The only thing is I watch him from 1:30 PM until she can get here after dropping off her boyfriend. Last night it was 2:30AM, I'm hoping that tonight it will be closer to 1 AM. It's not really a problem, I'm usually awake until about 1 anyway.

The two boys seem to be playing together very well today. Taking turns with the V-Smile, playing with the trains and being good boys. For the most part. There are some struggles, with who gets to play with what toy first, we use a timer when that comes up. Each of them gets a little loud when they get too frustrated (so far no hitting or pushing), luckily they seem to be able to work things out most of the time. We are working on asking nicely if we want something, asking someone to please stop if they are doing something that bothers us, and sharing toys and games. I'm trying to model the way I want them to do things, and they seem to be trying.

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