Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's black and blue and exhausted? We are.

Not a good day for me.
I didn't sleep well last night.
I couldn't get to sleep quickly and once I did I woke up coughing and choking, and ended up throwing up.
Once that was over I got to sleep for about an hour and The Boy woke up with a bad dream and wanted to snuggle with me.
It took about an hour for him to fall asleep.
Since our bed is on the floor right now I couldn't pick him up to take him to his own bed and it was WAY too crowded for the 3 of us to sleep there together so I got up and slept on the couch for about 30 minutes.
The Boy woke up again and needed me.
So we cuddled on the couch until he was asleep again.
At this point it was 5 AM, so I went back to bed to get all the sleep I could.
At 7 The Boy was awake for the day, Howard didn't even stir so I got up with him.
At 9 Howard woke up and I took a nap until 11.
The Boy had school today, so at 11:40 we went outside to wait for the bus.
One minute before the bus arrived The Boy tripped on the sidewalk and crashed.
He immediately had a huge goose egg bump over his right eye.
He cried, but wanted to go to school anyway.
I wanted to let him go to school.
I needed to keep him home to watch him and make sure he was going to be okay.
He screamed and kicked all the way up the stairs.
He stayed home and I didn't get any sleep.
I think he's going to be fine.
I'm not so sure about me. LOL
Here's some pictures of The Boy showing his bump.

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