Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The Boy

The Boy has a MRI scheduled for Monday morning. He isn't sure he wants to do it, he says that he won't do it, but he said the same thing about the testing he had at the CDRC. We had his IEP meeting yesterday. He is still on level for reading, but seems to be starting to have trouble. He can read a story of nearly any length at grade level, but he can't always tell you about what it is he just read when the story is longer than a couple of paragraphs. He is doing okay in math, he's behind a little but his teacher thinks he can do better he just has a problem demonstrating that he can do it. He still needs social support to understand non-verbal cues, how to join a group that is already playing, and a few other things other kids seem to know. He is going to stay in his classroom next year. Now that we know more about what kinds of problems he is working with we can work out things that will help him with things, and hopefully in a year or two he can join a mainstream class with just a few adaptations. They agree with the CDRC's recommendation that we look into a non-school related OT. I'll have to call insurance and see how much they will cover and see what we can do.

Weight Loss

Monday was the begging of my third week doing the 6 week challenge. I think there is something wrong with the way the balance board weighs me. Two weeks ago it said that I weighed 301 pounds, on Monday it said that I weighed 317 pounds. I know that a pound or so might have been because I'd just finished my workout, and there might have been some swelling in my muscles because of that. There might also be a pound or two extra due to water retention or bloating. But I don't think I can account for 16 pounds that way. Maybe I didn't do it right the first time, since my bathroom scale was about that far off the first weigh in. I guess I should weigh myself with the bathroom scale again and see where it puts me.

I'm feeling kind of bummed. I'm working out 4 days a week, about 20 to 45 minutes a day, it's still a little bit difficult for me, it gets my pulse racing and I sweat quite a bit, I haven't really changed my eating habits much since I started working out and what I've done has been to reduce calories. So you would think I'd see at least a few pounds lost. Messed Up Daddy has been very sweet about it all, he has encouraged me to work out when I've felt less than excited about it, and he's listened to me when I've complained and supported me through this as well. He keeps reminding me that I was such a couch potato before I started this that I had very minimal muscle tone, so maybe it's all gained muscle that is keeping me from loosing weight. Maybe I've lost some pounds of fat, but gained more pounds of muscle. I do know that my hips are a little slimmer, and my upper thighs are smoother.

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