Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cooking and recipe search.

I'm going to make homemade flour tortillas either today or tomorrow. The recipe is a whole wheat recipe, but can be made with all white flour if desired, it's also lower fat than the "normal" recipe. I'll try to remember to take pictures of them and post about how they turned out. I have a pot of red beans on the stove right now, I"m thinking of making it into chili. I'd like to make corn bread, but I'm out of baking powder and wont' be going to the store until tomorrow so that will have to wait until then.  I have a apricot squares recipe I want to try with peaches instead. I have a couple of cans of peaches in the cupboard that I think will work really well with this recipe. I'm trying to cut back the sugar in these kinds of recipes, it's easier on the waist line that way. I'm also searching for other recipes that I can make, things that we would normally buy at the store but would be cheaper and better if I could do them at home. I want to do pasta, for example. I already do bread, biscuits and pancakes. I can and have made cake from scratch, frosting hasn't ever worked for me though. Any other ideas?

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