Thursday, July 22, 2010

Updates about My struggle to loose weight and Father's Day.

I've been a bad girl concerning my exersizeing. I haven't really do it since school let out. I did a few days of the Wii Fit, then had a few days of massive head aches. Then I did a day or two, and stopped because I caught a stomache bug of some kind. This week I thought I'd start again, but ... it didn't happen. I did however break a serving size barrior last week. I'm eating and feelig satisfied with even less. For example, I had gotten down to 2 what I'd call medium size fajitas but couldn't seem to get past that. Last week I made myself only one for dinner, there was plenty incase I wanted more, and once I'd eaten it I thought of having more, but that was because I LOVE the taste not because I actually wanted more. So I didn't have another and it was okay. I haven't mesured my body in a while, but I think I've lost some inches. My belly appears to me to be the same size but it feels ... softer now. It's easier to squish and mush around and might fit into even smaller cloths if I'd try them.

Okay, so I was looking at some older posts and noticed that I never came back and told you what I got Messed Up Daddy for Father's Day. I got him a PSP, it's something he has wanted for a couple of years and we just never got around to getting him. So I started saving for it. I found a good deal and got the Piano Black one with 2 games and a starter kit. The starter kit had two chargers, one for in the house and one for in the car, two game holders, and a carry case. I ordered a pair of ear phones and an other case. The second case is aluminum with a textured finish, I saw it and thought that it was perfect for him. He had been guessing about what it was, he thought he could find it if he looked in my usual hiding places. He DID guess that it was a PSP, I of course told him that I could neather confirm or deny that guess just as I did for every other guess he made. He didn't really think I had gotten it for him, in fact he had started talking with someone who had gotten several of them when Blockbuster (I think) closed and sold off all their rental stock. He was selling them for just $50 less than I spent for everything I got and it came with one charger, that's it.

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