Monday, May 17, 2004

My dream.

It was cold, and rainy. I was walking toward a building where I was to meet someone. When I got there I sat at a table in a small coffee shop to wait. I had some work to do on a laptop so I pulled it out and started to work. Later, I must have talked to the person, because I was leaving the coffee shop with a new assignment. I went to look for the man I was to give the paper to. Later again, I was scared, someone had killed the man and was looking for me. I was sure that I was hidden well enough to keep safe for a short time. Shift of scene and reason for hiding. I had ran away from California, because Howard had died and Aidan's biological Mother was coming to get him. I knew that she had been doing a lot of drugs and that she really just wanted to sell him to someone for more drugs. (I don't know how I knew it but it was true in the dream anyway) I didn't want to give him up at all, but it was even more scary to give him to her, so I took him and we went into hiding. I went to New York to live with Allen, and started looking for someone to get me fake documents so that Aidan would appear to me my son, and for both of us to have different names. I thought New York would be the place to find such things. I was afraid every day that Aidan would be taken away from me.

I woke up with a coughing spell. When I could get back to sleep I had silly dreams of dancing flowers, the Wiggles, and cartoon characters playing Spades.

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