Friday, May 06, 2005

My baby is growing up.

I've been noticing how different things are raising Aidan than it was with Christopher and Allen. I always had a little sadness that Chris and Allen were growing up. I'm sure many of you have at least heard a Parent say something like "He's growing up too fast!" or " I wish he could stay a baby longer." That is how I felt with the older boys. Now, with Aidan, I find myself looking forward to things he will do once he is older. Maybe it's because I have a better idea of what to expect this time around. I still want him to be my little boy, my baby, sometimes, but I'm also excited about the next steps he will take.

He is getting so big! He wants to do some things for himself, like take off his pants and diaper. But he isn't interested in doing other things, like putting on his own cloths or shoes. He would rather walk into his room to go to bed than be carried, but he still wants to be lifted up into bed. He also hates to put his toys away. He would rather throw things around. I recently started to put his toys out of his reach if he throws them. Now he is more careful about it, but when he is mad he tosses things around. He hasd a temper, but it blows over fairly quickly. He loves to play outside, I wish we had a fence so that we could go out and I could do some yard work or something. Oh yeah, He decided that naps are no longer a part of his life. In the last 3 weeks he has accidentally fallen asleep 2 times. Once in the car and once on the floor. We will adjust, but it's been hard.

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