Sunday, May 22, 2005

Cars and trucks

Aidan has discovered cars and trucks. He loves them. He even takes them to bed with him. I mentioned the book he picked out yesterday, it's about BIG TRUCKS! He usually loves to go out and play in the truck with his Uncle Jimmy, until today. Actually he still likes going out there as long as his book stays in the house. He didn't want Jimmy to read his book, and tried to hand it out the window to me. I don't know what he was thinking would happen to his book but he did not want it out there. In the end they did look at it together, and then Aidan climbed out the window, into my arms, carrying the book. Jimmy teased him by trying to grab the book. Aidan glared at him and tucked the book under his arm and turned away. It was funny.

I've been wanting to paint lately, but with Aidan around it's not an easy thing. If I had the time and the talent I'd like to paint some trucks on his wall, I don't know exactly what I'd do, but it would have trucks and cars and maybe even some tractors. Maybe I can find a stencil or something. Hmmm now I'm going to have to go looking around the internet for things I can use. Then I'll have to find the paints I'd want to use, and then figure out how to do it and how to get Aidan out of the way. Which means that it probably won't happen for awhile. I tend to start out all gung ho for a project, then as the problems build up I start to loose enthusiasm for it and eventually it gets left unfinished, or maybe even unstarted. But if I can get it done it will be really cute.

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