Sunday, May 29, 2005


I've been lucky the last couple of weeks. I have an on-line subscription to a Scrapbooking magazine. Theyt had worked out a deal with to allow access to the 1930 federal census. I was able to find all of my Grandparents, and their families. As well as a couple of Uncles who were either out on their own or were married already. I was able to find my fathers mother, she was only 12. I learned her mothers name, my Dad never knew it because he always called her Grandma. Her name was Cordelia. I found it interesting to discover that my Grandaddy, my Dads Dad, worked as a stenographer when he was 21. This also gives me some approximate birth years for some of the family members that we didn't have information on. I feel happy and satisfied with this information. I plan to get a years membership as soon as my Credit Card will handle the cost. It's almost $200. It will give me access to several census', as well as other databases. I really enjoy the research and I get a ... thrill when I find that elusive ancestor.

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