Saturday, May 21, 2005

Shopping woes.

Remind me never to go to any store on it's opening week-end. We just got a Ross Dress for Less in Merced. Sometimes you can find good deals on things there. Howard and I decided to stop in and check them out. I didn't realize that it was opening week-end, that is until we walked inside. The place was a mad house, so many people! Children running loose with out parents any where close, and brand new cashiers. After I found a cute little outfit for Aidan (it was $7.99 for overalls and t-shirt) he spotted a book on Big Trucks. His favorite things are cars and trucks right now. So, for $3.99 I got that for him as well. I found a pair of jeans that fit me almost perfectly (I can make the adjustments needed) for $12.99, and a box for our mail for $3.99. We walked around a little more then got in line. Trust me to pick the slowest moving line in the whole store! I spent one and a half hours in that line. I guess someone was arguing about the prices on everything she had picked out, and then had a voucher which took extra work to get put into the register. Then it was shift change. Once I got to the check out, the girl was really sweet, but slow. She apologized for the delay and told me that almost all the cashiers were new to this job as of today. Oh well, Howard and Aidan went looking around while I stood in line, and then went out to the car so that we didn't have a whinny 2 year old in line for that long. I am pleased with my purchases, but I'll make sure that the next time we go over there it will not be any kind of special occasion.

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