Friday, June 03, 2005

Aidan and I.

I am feeling so very tired lately. I can barely get enough energy to get out of bed in the morning. I should check into getting some vitamins or something. If I were younger and still able to get pregnant I'd suspect that. Of course this could be symptoms of impending menopause, with it's hormonal shifts. I wouldn't mind either situation, but I would like it to hurry up and get past this drained feeling.

Aidan is growing and learning new things all the time, he is fairly normal for a 2 year old boy. His language skills are slowly improving but I still think he is behind where he should be. There are times he says things that completely blow me away. Like the other day he said "Shut up, bad dog." When Buddy was barking. I usually tell Buddy to "Be quiet" sometimes I will say something else like "There's nothing to bark at." Howard says "Shut up, Buddy" when he is here. I don't think that anyone says "Bad dog". So he wasn't just repeating what we say. But he still says, bite to mean that he is hungry, or thirsty, or that he sees something he thinks would be good to eat. He doesn't say Mama or Mommy, but he does say A-dad for Daddy. He is a good boy, active and curious, but in general he is very good. I am enjoying him very much.

Personally, I am split between wanting to work and wanting to stay home. It sometimes feels like two personalities, the one that loves working with people and wants to have a satisfying job, and the one that is happy to be home taking care of Aidan, cooking, cleaning, and all the rest of the traditional Mom things. Over all, I'd have to say that I am happy with my life. I don't have much money for extras, but all of the basics are taken care of. I'd like to go back to Oregon, but I can make it here if I have too.

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