Thursday, March 29, 2007

Aidan stuff

Aidan loves books. He always wants to go to the book store and wants to bring home at least one book every time we visit. Luckily for us we have a used book store just up the block, we can get nice new books, and gently used books for good prices. Plus they have a free box or sometimes boxes that they put out every day, we have come across some really good books there, but they are usually worn or marked on or have something else wrong with them, not usually something that would make them useless. I'm very happy that he likes books so much, now I just have to get him to understand that he shouldn't write in them.

Aidan is talking more and more these days, you still can't have a conversation with him (But I think that is close), but he talks in complete sentences, and his pronunciation is very good. Last Sunday Aidan was playing in his room, he came out and said "I'm Tarzan!"

I said "You are Tarzan? Happy to meet you." We shook hands and he ran back to his room to play some more. I was talking to my Mom on the phone at the time.

He came back a little later and said "You are Tarzan."

"I am? No, I'm Mama."

"No, you are Tarzan's Mama." And off he went back to play.

Just before I was finished talking with my Mom he came back and said "You're too late."

"Too late for what?"

"You are just too late." He went back to his room. After I finished talking to my Mom, about 3 minutes or so later, I went to check on Aidan. He was laying in his bed with his little Thomas "Laptop computer" Game on the bed next to him, he was sound asleep. LOL I guess I was too late to put him to bed.

On Tuesday we went to the Goodwill clothing by the pound store, we found a really nice sleeping bag a few towels, and two shirts for Aidan. We also found a book that Aidan loves, and a large suitcase with wheels. We packed the suitcase with our stuff to bring home. Yesterday we went to the grocery store, and took the suitcase to carry the groceries home in. Aidan decided that he wanted to ride in the suitcase rather than the stroller. Howard let him do it so it was up to him to pull the suitcase full of child. It was funny when people noticed his feet hanging out and when we passed a restaurant with Aidan's legs sticking out. (He was holding them straight out so that his shoes didn't drag on the sidewalk.) There was a group of little old ladies sitting at window table and we could see them pointing at us. I wondered what they were thinking. LOL On the way home to suitcase was full of good so Aidan couldn't ride in it, he decided to walk beside his Daddy and "help" pull the heavy suitcase. Those ladies were still at the table and recognised us, they smiled and waved at us.

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