Monday, March 12, 2007

Just stuff

I've had this horrible cough for three days, there is a tickle in my throat that starts it. Cough drops, water and other cough/cold medications don't do much to help it. I've coughed so much lately that my throat feels like it's been cut or torn. My diaphragm is sore from the extreme force that these coughing spells sometimes create. I coughed so much the other day it almost made me throw up.

Aidan's nose is still running, and he is coughing too. But I think his cough is because of all the buggers draining down his throat.

Other than that things are going along fairly well around here. Our insurance started on the first, so we can go to the Doctor when ever we need to. I've got to get the correct paperwork to get some assistance for paying the premiums, it's costing us $230 every pay check. The assistance program will pay about 90% for us. This particular program is a State of Oregon things, anyone who lives in Oregon can get this assistance, if they need it to get insurance. It's all based on your income, and family size.

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