Thursday, March 01, 2007

Small problems.

We finally got over the flu or whatever it was. And now I have a head cold. The kind of head cold that makes you whole head feel stuffed with something thick and heavy. My ears feel itchy/tender, and my nose keeps filling up, but isn't runny.

I made an accounting mistake with the checking account and will now have to pay a late fee for the rent. I'm only $40 off, luckily payday is the 9th so I'll be able to get it to them only 4 days late. It's a $50 fee. Next time I'll get the money order for the rent first, then go shopping.

Aidan has an "ouchie" in his mouth. I can't see anything, but it keeps waking him up. I asked if it was his mouth or his teeth, and he was very sure it's his mouth. He won't take anything to help with the pain either. (sigh)

I made cornbread tonight, and somehow got the bottom burned while not quite cooking the center fully. Maybe it's the oven or the pan I used, or I did something else messed up. If you cut off the burnt part it's pretty good though.

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