Sunday, April 04, 2010

After the evaluation.

I'd hoped that we would have some answers after The Boy's evaluation. We don't. We do have some ideas, a tentative diagnoses of Cerebral Palsy, a very MILD case. It effects his mouth, so he drools. It effects the way he puts words together so he seems to be a bit behind in the way he communicates. It effects the way his body moves, so he's a bit awkward when he runs. It effects his hand-eye co-ordination so catching a ball is difficult for him and it effects his hands and fingers so his writing is and will probably always will be difficult.

We need to get a MRI to find out more and to clarify for sure that it's C.P. and not something else. We have an appointment with his Doctor for April 23rd, we will discus the reports from all the specialists who saw The Boy on Wednesday and she will then refer us to the MRI clinic. Hopefully it will only be a day or two from his appointment with his Doctor. And then we wait for the results to be sent to the Doctor, who will call us to make an appointment to discuss the results. From there I don't know what we will do. I'm not sure of treatments or therapies or if he would be a good candidate for any of them. I do know that it will help his school to help him so he can find the ways he learns best.

There is a medication that the Developmental Pediatrician recommended that would help with the drooling. It limits the amount of fluid his body produces. So less spit, less tears, less liquid in his intestines. Which also means that he might have severe dry mouth and eyes, not be able to cry tears, sweat less and it could cause constipation as well. I'm kind of torn about the medication, it would make things at school easier for him if he didn't drool. But the thought of medicating him twice a day ... not a good thought for me. The side effects could be a problem, and he doesn't take medications well. Maybe we will let him know it's available to him and when he's ready he can choose for himself.

Right now I'm feeling a little ... scared, frustrated, in a hurry to find answers, happy we have some kind of answer, and yet unhappy that it isn't THE answer. This boy is so important to me, more than I thought possible. Not more than my other boys, including my Grandson, but just as important in a different way. Probably because I'm older, and I think I'm more knowledgeable about things, I feel I'm doing a better job of being a Mother this time around. I don't think I was a bad Mom before, just young and inexperienced in life.

So, we haven't received our copy of the report, I'll post what that says or at least how I understand it when I've had a chance to read it. I may have misunderstood what the Doctor and the Social Worker said.

Messed Up Daddy doesn't want to believe that it could be C.P., I think he envisions someone who has Spastic C.P. and perhaps has some retardation, and he can't reconcile that with who The Boy is. He will have to learn the different types of C.P. and how they effect the person who has it. C.P. does not mean retardation, it is brain damage but that doesn't always affect learning and mental ability.

I'll stop rambling now. I'll be starting a new exercise session in a couple of days. I got 2 new "games" for the Wii, the Wii Fit Plus with balance board, and EA Active More Workouts. I think I'll do the More Workouts, it has a 6 week challenge, and do the Wii Fit Plus in the afternoons and on rest days because it's more like playing and the kids can do it with me. I'll post more later about everything.

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