Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Last nights Dream.

I was involved in a child custody case, but not with Howard and not with Dawn. It seems like it might have been the government or some secret society who wanted my children for something. Kind of like the kid in "Star Man" the TV series, they wanted to study them or the kids had some super powers or something. Part of the time I was being chased by these 3 people, 2 men and 1 woman, the rest of the time they were just following me. I wasn't scared, it was fun an intellectual competition of sorts. At one point I got away from them at a gas station by not pulling my pants up. (why my pants were down isn't clear.)That was one of the times they were chasing me. I just barely squeaked by them. Later I went into an expensive restaurant, they were just following me. I got a table and ordered a Prime Rib dinner. They took a table near me and also ordered dinner. I got up to go to the restroom, the woman did as well, but while she was in her stall, I left. Stopping my waitress as she was taking my dinner to the table I asked her to put it in a bag, paid and left before the people following me found out.

At some point I became aware that there was another woman in the same situation as I was in. And we joined forces to save our children. We weren't worried that our children weren't with us, which now seems strange. We came up with a plan to get rid of the followers forever. We would file a complaint of harassment against them and have them arrested. Then while they were busy with that, we would sell our cars at one dealer then buy another an a dealer down the street. We would have to loose weight, and even bought some noodle dishes which would help with that. In fact it seems like we were planning on loosing the weight in just a couple of days rather than months. We would then find a town on the coast where neither of us knew anyone, somewhere no one would think to look for us and get a house together, dye our hair and raise our children in safety. We put the plan in motion by loosing them momentarily by taking a sharp left at a fork in the road. We found a policeman and he promised to take them in for questioning. At that point I woke up and so never discovered where the children were.

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