Saturday, June 12, 2004

Secret Service

In my dream I was working for someone who had Secret Service men assigned to them. Aidan and I lived in a house with this man, and somehow I was a working mom and a stay at home mom. I left Aidan with his Secret Service Lady, who seemed more like a Nanny than anything. She took him shopping for new cloths and shoes. There was a little girl about the same age as Aidan who also lived in the house with us. Across the street was a Mall. The neighbor kids had stolen Aidans new shoes, and the shoes the little girl had gotten as well. We tried to get them to bring them back, we threatened to put them in jail, I told them I'd have the Secret Service guy, assigned to me, "get it out of" them. They never did bring back the shoes. We decided they had probably taken them to the Mall to sell them. Later I was meeting some important people. Three men and a woman. Just after shaking hands with the last man, Aidan came running out of the house with his arms out. Everyone put their arms out for a hug, but Aidan ignored all the men, almost went to the lady, but ultimately ran into my arms. Everyone smiled at him and we got back to business. Aidan just listened to us talking as I held him.

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