Thursday, June 24, 2004

Tables and chairs and Mommy frustration.

Aidan has learned to climb up on our living room chairs, from there he will then crawl out onto the tables. Sometimes he stands up to reach things that are put up so he can't get them. I wish I could get him to stop. I hate having to say "No" all the time. So I pick him up and put him on the floor telling him "Stay off the table." He knows it's not a good thing, because sometimes he will look at me and back off the table on his own. I've tried to make sure that while he is doing something "good" I notice and let him know that it's good, I try not to yell, or make a big deal about it, but I'm not sure how well I'm doing. Oh, and he has learned how to scream when he is frustrated. It's that high pitched, shrill shriek that only babies and toddlers can make. I can normally ignore it for the most part, after I'm sure he isn't stuck and might get hurt. But the last couple of days I've had some really bad headaches, and those shrieks are truly painful.

On the bright side, Aidan is learning how to pretend now. And he is giving kisses with his mouth closed now. He started to go around the corner and then peek around at me and laugh the other day. It's really cute. When he sees his Daddy, he says "Hiya!" And the smile on his face makes it obvious that he is happy that his Daddy is home. I hardly ever go anywhere with out him so I don't get that kind of welcome often. It's amazing to me how much I love this little guy. Which both makes the frustration easier and compounds it.

He is walking more than crawling these days, which is good. He still seems to be behind with talking and such things. He knows where his tummy is, but won't point to it. He won't follow directions, very often. But being behind a little in some places isn't so bad, because he is making progress. He does do some things that I don't think he supposed to do yet. For example he points with one finger intentionally, and he whispers. I think around 2 they are supposed to point, but I'm not sure of the whisper thing. He is still a little big for his age, and is in wonderful health. Very few colds and only one stomach virus, plus that one virus with the spots. He love music, almost any music. He dances and claps his hands.

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