Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Busy busy days

Things have been rather hectic around here the last couple of days.

On Friday, I had to take Howard to the dentist to have his top front teeth capped. They look really good. Then we went to his mothers so he could work on her computer, he thought it would take only about half an hour, but instead it took 5 and still wasn't fixed. So Aidan only got one nap, and that was for about 15 minutes in the car when I went out to get something to eat.

On Saturday, I borrowed my mother-in-laws car and went to the store after Aidan's morning nap. While there Howard called and wanted me to go to the bank, and take the car back to his mother. So I hurried home, put the milk and other perishables away, and went to the bank. I turned the car off next to the ATM opened the side door so I could see Aidan and he wouldn't get too hot and got the money I needed to pay the rent. When I got back in to the car it wouldn't start. It sounded like the starter to me. So I pushed it into a shady parking space, with some help, and called Howard and Jimmy to come and save me. They thought it was the battery. Aidan and I played in the back while we waited and waited and waited. A nice lady went to the store and brought back 2 bottles of juice and some cheetos. Finally after I had waited 3 hours the men arrived. I knew they were going to take a while because they were in the middle of a job when I called, but they were so late because they stopped to help someone with a flat. It turned out to be the starter and it took about an hour to get it fixed. By then was already almost 7:30 PM. I went to my mother-in-laws house and ended up having to visit for another hour or so. I got home just in time to feed Aidan, give him a bath and put him to bed. He missed his afternoon nap.

Sunday, Aidan and I went to Howard's Aunts house for a BBQ, but only 7 people where there including us and the Aunt. 5 of us were women. We spent most of the afternoon there, luckily Aidan had taken an early nap that morning, but again he missed his afternoon nap.

Yesterday, the family decided to have a BBQ to celebrate a Birthday that had actually happened almost 2 weeks ago. So again Aidan missed his afternoon nap. We got home in time for a bath and bed. Any of you who have/had children who really needed their two naps a day will understand how difficult these days have been for Aidan and I.

Howard hasn't been around much since Friday, because he was working with Jim over the week-end. We missed him. Me more than Aidan because I didn't have him to turn over the child care to for any amount of time. Actually I think they missed each other the most. I'm so glad that they have a good relationship.

Today I'm relaxing trying not to be too hot. I slipped yesterday and it seems that I stressed something in my left hip, and the muscles in my right leg are also achey today. So I'm glad I don't have anything to do today. Oh and Aidan got both of his naps today! Yeah!!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice of that woman to bring a snack and something to drink for Aidan.