Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Putting things on pause.

Yesterday and today I had to put the knitting project and cleaning on pause. My elbows are aching despite the medication the Doctor gave me. The bursitis is acting up again.

To top it off I tripped yesterday and tweaked my back and my left shoulder. My back problem is pretty much just when I stand up, I'm guessing that one of the muscles that helps me stay upright was pulled a little bit. It's not a stabbing pain, just an ache when I stand up for longer than 2 minutes. The ache gets worse the longer I remain standing. So doing dishes for more than 2 minutes or so isn't going to happen.

My shoulder only hurts when I lift my arm over my head or turn in just the right way. Sweeping is out of the question as well because it puts stress on my shoulder and that particular area of my back.

So I'm feeling a little useless, and bored. At least I can still pick up Aidan, and sitting isn't painful. I'd really like to knit, but I think I'd better wait a day or two.

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