Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Another missed Monday

Oops! Somehow yesterday came and went without me hardly noticing. I was busy with the Health Educator and checking out all the details for getting insurance and the title switched for my car. I've found a pretty good deal for insurance, now I have to pay a "deposit" to get a paper that says that the car will be registered to me as soon as I get insurance. Because I can't get the registration until I have insurance and I can't get insurance until I get the registration. I'll also have to get it Smogged, a process I don't know anything about but will probably cost me $100. The tags expire in December, so I'll have to renew that too. I can't get a straight answer from DMV on how much this is going to cost me.

Now my Monday positives:

A good deal on a new DVD player. ($28 )
Having the extra cash to get the third Harry Potter Movie.
Aidan and I are feeling better after a couple of weeks with colds.
I have a plan to loose weight now. All I have to do is DO it. (That's the hard part.)
Allen bought the movie "Supersize Me" while he was here and we watched it, so when the Health Educator said I should rent it I could tell her I'd already seen it.

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