Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My visit with Allen.

I had a wonderful visit with Allen. We decided to bring him home with us after all. It was nice to have him here. Even though the place was a mess, and I was a little embarrassed by just how "trailer trash" my house is. Oh well, I think he had a nice time anyway.

Aidan attached to Allen right away, they sat together in my chair and watched TV for a little while. I tired out my legs walking around Sunday. I'm not used to walking for so long at a stretch and then we went down and then back up a fairly steep hill. I am SO out of shape. LOL

I only regret that we didn't have longer together. Aidan and I miss Allen very, very much. Aidan was angry with me for leaving Allen at the Airport. I took a few pictures, but couldn't find my digital camera, so I'll have to wait until I can get my film developed to show you how Allen and Aidan looked together. Or maybe Allen will send me some of the ones we took with his digital camera.

We drove a total of almost 700 miles and spent about $100 on gas. We drove around San Francisco and Berkeley Sunday which took up a lot of the gas. The trip home on Sunday I think we took the longest possible route. I know that it took 3 gallons of gas more than the trip over did. I was so tired Tuesday, when we came home I hardly moved out of my chair until bed time. I miss Allen more now than I did before he came to see me, probably because it had been about 3 or so since I'd seen him. I wish we could live closer together, it would be good for me both emotionally and physically. If I could regularly walk for an hour and a half with Allen or someone else I could enjoy talking to it would help me loose weight. And I'd get to have time with my son.

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