Monday, November 22, 2004

Doctors and health issues.

I had a Doctor's appointment last week. The bursitis in my elbows is better, but still a minor problem. I've also developed it in my left shoulder. My back problems are probably because of my weight. I'm about 150 pounds over weight. I can't believe that I've gotten so heavy. I've been working on reducing my portion sizes at meals, I've cut down on the sugar and the fat. And yet I've still gained about 8 pounds in 4 months. So I had blood work done today to check cholesterol and sugar levels and other things. Last year everything was really good, all the levels were perfect. I'm hoping that the same is true this time. Next week I'll be seeing a Health Ed. Specialist, who will help me with diet and exercise. I think Howard and I should go for a walk every afternoon when we get home. I pick him up at 4:30, so we would have an hour or two before dinner to walk. I don't think I'll do it alone, I need the encouragement and walking with someone is much more interesting than walking alone. I won't know until January what the results of the tests are, unless the Health Ed. Specialist can request them, then we might get the results sooner. So, I'm feeling kind of depressed about my weight, but I also feel that things are looking up for me as well.


the girl said...

Unrequested advice:

If you can, try to be as gentle with yourself as possible. Try not to get down on yourself for being overweight; try to be grateful to yourself instead. Appreciating and acknowledging yourself as you are might make it easier for you to shift into someone new because the part of yourself that gained the weight was probably needing some attention it wasn't getting.

Also, I feel like making it a goal to eat say three fruits and five veggies a day might make it easier than a goal to cut down on the amount of food that your eating. It's sometimes easier to add things in then take things away, and by upping your fruit/veggie intake you'll probably decrease elsewhere.

Finally, pat yourself on the back for how you've cut down on the sugar and fat so far. Sugar is addictive like heroin, seriously. Cutting it back is so difficult, so congratulations!

Messed up Mama said...

I think that I'm suprised about the weight gain, more than upset. Last year, the day after my Birthday, I knew that I had to do something about my weight. I started to look at what I was eating, and decided that I was eating too much sugar and the amount of food I was eating was way more than I needed. I cut the sugar down quite a bit, I discovered Splenda sugar substitute for my coffee and iced tea, and I sometimes bake pies and other treats with it. (Several people in Howards family are Diabetic.) I feel like I've done alot to start me on the road to looseing weight and it's not only not working but I'm gaining. On the other hand, I will now have some help now. I'm hoping that the Health Ed. specialist will be someone who will be suportive and helpful. Maybe I'll be more likely to follow their advice than my own. LOL
Thank you for your support, it means alot to me. I'll work on the fruit and veggies suggestion, I love both so that part won't be too hard.

the girl said...

Yes, I remember you liking fruits and veggies. :)