Saturday, November 06, 2004

Short vacation.

Tomorrow we are going to go to San Francisco to see Allen. I was worried that Allen had changed his plans and forgot to let me know, because he said he'd call me before he left New York and he didn't, I found out that he lost his cell phone. He called me earlier today, and we will make arrangements as to where to meet tomorrow when Allen gets out of his tour. We plan to stay over there until Tuesday. It will be a nice little vacation. We don't have a lot of money, but I think we have enough for gas and a Motel 6 room. But probably not much more than that. I'll also get to see Megan and her new Lady Love. It will be nice, I haven't seen Megan for a couple of year now. Anyway I'll be gone for the Monday Positives, so I'll do them now.
I get to see Allen!
I get to see Megan!
I talked to my Mom on the phone today, everything is OK up in Oregon.
Aidan is saying more things that I can understand.
I found some interesting Free Knit patterns on the Lion website. (I don't have a link sorry.)
I'm going to San Francisco!

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