Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bad day

So much bad stuff happens to us these days it's hard to decide what to do next. Our application for this apartment was denied. I'll have to call tomorrow and find out exactly why. The manager said that it was bad credit, when she talked to David. And now, as of this afternoon, we have a 24 hour notice to leave this apartment. Because we have been here for longer than the 14 days he can have guests. We probably won't be out until the week end, unless my Dad and figure a way to get all our stuff up to Hood River. There are only 2 big things to worry about, the kitchen table and Aidan's bed. They both come apart fairly easily, but the chairs ... may be harder. Other than that it's all just clothing and blankets, and Aidan's toys.

So I don't know what we are going to do. David has to find someone else to help pay the rent. (It's late due to the fact that David doesn't have a job yet, and we had some bills that HAD to be paid with the last paycheck and they wouldn't take a partial payment until the 12th.) So even though we could probably push things until the end of the month, David has probably found someone to pay the rent who will want to move in as soon as possible. Is it so much to ask that my family be allowed to be together? Is it so hard for people to understand that we are finally getting our feet back under us, we have bad credit because of the time we spent without any real work. We are trying to clear that up, but it takes time. I want to scream and cry and hit something. I want to hold my son close to my heart, and watch him with his Father. What am I going to do?

On top of all that, Howard and Aidan were getting on the bus, through the back door, when the bus driver shut the doors. The doors caught Aidans head between them. He has a small bump and a large red area on his forehead where one of the doors squeezed his head. I think he is okay, but I worry. One more worry, one more emotion to deal with.


Anonymous said...

God/dess, that all sounds truly horrible. I'm so sorry.

-the girl

Messed up Mama said...

Thanks for caring.