Friday, January 19, 2007

Fear and anger related to housing. [Updated]

Well, we have been denied once again. Manny said that it's the same as before. But didn't have the information on the company that gave him this report. He told me he would call as soon as he gets into the office, but he also told me on Monday that he would call me that afternoon and didn't. So I'll wait until this afternoon and call the office and find out. [Update: He never called, and when I called they just said they would have him call when he got in. I'm beginning to think that there wasn't a new background check and he just wants us out. It seems stupid to me, to decide not to rent to us for no real reason, because now they have to pay people to paint, clean, and repair this place. Plus they have at least one other unit that is empty and has been for about a month.] Would you press the issue, it the reasons they state are the reasons they denied us are illegal? How far would you go? Press to stay? Sue them? I'm finally standing up for myself and my family, but I don't want to take it to ridiculous lengths. Know what I mean?

So anyway, I'm not sure what is going to happen as far as our living arrangements go. I still can't get a hold of the Mobile Home Guy, I don't know if he's changed his mind, or what. I guess I'll just have to figure out if the key I have works and if it does we will just rent a truck and get out of here. I really don't want to move there, it's small and in a 55 and older park. They guy we will be living with is 55, and I guess there are situations where under 55's can move in with an over 55 so ... but still I think it will put too much stress on things. But at least it's a place for us to be until we can find someplace else.

Oh, and David is screwing us over as well. He told the landlords that he will be out by Wednesday and just called to have the electric and gas turned off by Monday. It wouldn't have made one bit of difference to him to just let things go until the end of the month. So we don't even have until the end of the month like we thought before. If he hadn't given his notice when he did we might have gotten this apartment, and now he is forcing us out a week earlier than we had to be otherwise. I was planning on giving him some money toward paying the bills and so he could have cash on the trip, but I guess I'll need every penny for moving and stuff. I guess you can't trust anyone any more. [Update: David says that he just didn't think when he gave his notice and when he told them he would be out. He said that he thought they would give us until the end of the month even though the deal was we could be here as until David left. Either this boy is stupid or thinks I am. He has gotten free rent for 2 months, and seems worried about how big the gas and electric bills will be, that's why he called and told them Monday for a cut off. So I guess if you cut everything in half and subtracted what we already paid David owes us about $300. Not that we are ever going to see it, even if we asked him for it. Which we won't.]

So, I'm afraid that we will be homeless soon, angry that just when I thought things would work out for us this kind of thing has to happen, hurt that David doesn't care enough to think about us and waited just a little bit, and pissed off that the Salem Apartments are such asses. [Update: Snowanna is going to drive me over to check the key today. I should know tonight what's going on there at least.] [Update 2: The key fits, so we will be moving in there Monday or Tuesday. I'd rather stay here, but at least we will have someplace to stay for awhile.]

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Anonymous said...

So stressful. I'm sorry. ::hug::

-the girl