Saturday, January 27, 2007

Life just gets suckier and suckier.

Okay, so we moved out of the apartment on 12th, and into the mobile home. Just as we are finishing things up, the manager and a police officer come over. I guess the guy has been scamming people, stole a van from his work place, left it at Spirit Mountain, and stole a car from there. And we are NOT able to stay there more than that first night. SO ... We called Carol and are going to stay with her for a little while. I'm looking for some place else to live, and will go up to my parents if all else fails. So ... the guy scammed us of $200, and left us homeless, knowing we have a child, in January.

Things have got to get better sooner or later, don't you think? I can't see how it could get much worse.

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