Monday, September 27, 2004

Monday Positives.

It's harder to think of good things when you are feeling bad. I have a very stiff neck which is giving me a horrible head ache. On top of it I've been having stomach problems all day. But I like the thought of starting the week off on a positive note so here goes.

We got a new cell phone, it's a replacement for the old one that wasn't working well so it's the same type. But this one works, and has a screen I can actually read.

My family, who always seem to be there for each other. Sometimes it can only be emotional support, but sometimes that is more help than anything else.

My friends, because I know I can bitch and moan about my problems and they will still care about me.

Finally a cooling trend! The weather for the next week has been predicted to be in the mid to upper 80's.

Good medical care for the people I love.

I'm sure I've mentioned most of this before, but these are things that are positive and important in my life.

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