Thursday, September 30, 2004

This and that.

I've been very tired lately. I think it's allergies for the most part. But I think that my bursitis medication isn't working as well as it used to, resulting in less restful sleep because of the pain. I've got to make an appointment with my Doctor and see what else, if anything, can be done.

The Celtic knotwork blanket is taking a long time to get done. I'm thinking of making only 2 knotwork panels and one seed stitch panel. That shouldn't take very long to do. Then I'll do the edging and get Snowanna's new address and get it off in the mail.

Aidan says something that sounds like a cross between 'mice' and 'ace'. He is trying to say 'nice'. He says it when he is petting the cat, as a reminder to himself to pet her nice and gentle. LOL He still tends to be a little rough with her, with out meaning to be. He says 'tee-tee' for kitty. I think I'm listening better now, it must have been (and still probably is) frustrating for him. His favorite word right now is 'What?' but he never says it just once. It's always 'What? What?' He uses it mostly when we ask him what he is doing, or when I go check on him and he is doing something he thinks he shouldn't be doing.

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