Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Dream segments

Last night I had a slightly confusing dream. For some reason Howard and I had become involved in a company of some sort. We went to a meeting with the representatives of this company in a store that was a combo of a hardware/garden store and a craft supply store. We waited with other people for what seemed like hours. People began to grumble and some of them left. We were talking to another couple who told us that they thought something was wrong and the meeting wasn't going to happen. More people were getting upset and leaving. Howard wanted to leave, but I thought we should give them a chance just in case something had happened. He got angry with me, and stormed away. I wanted to stay for a class they were having. This class was on how to make a beaded globe. I already had all the supplies. But I started to feel guilty so I went out to the car. Howard wasn't there, but ----- was (I can't remember his name). Anyway I asked him to go find Howard, there was a crowd of angry people and I didn't want to go through them. I knew that ---- would do anything I asked. At that point the alarm went off and my dream ended.

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