Thursday, April 15, 2004


I can't remember much about my dreams last night, but at one point I was sorting through some papers, which changed into Money, mostly 10's and 20's, but then I saw a 6000. I knew that I needed to keep this find a secret, because the box of papers belonged to someone who would want the money if they knew it was there, and I felt that I had the right to keep it. I'm not sure why I was going to keep it or why I felt that I had to hide it. I think that in real life I'd give it back to the person it belonged to, since I knew who that was.

Another bit: I'm painting my kitchen, it's going to be green and blue. The kitchen is this one, but about twice the size. I think we had built an add one that was the same size as the original house along the side and expanded all the rooms accordingly.

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