Monday, April 19, 2004

Week-end hassles.

Friday night Aidan bumped his mouth on the rail of his playpen, his upper left canine just happened to be close to coming through, so he broke it through with a little blood and a lot of crying. Saturday he was fussy all day because the other canines and one of the pre molars decided to come through ... Yesterday was a little rough because I had to do laundry. Right now this means I had to go over to Howards cousins house. The problem with this is that I had to spend the afternoon, 5 hours of it, in a back bedroom that isn't child proof, with a 14 month old who wouldn't listen, and wouldn't take a nap. He fell off the bed twice, pulled down a stack of papers once, and yelled a lot. Finally I got a little help, Buna came home from church and sort of kept him busy while I folded and finished my laundry. Unfortunately I had to sit with her for 2 1/2 hours, this is a problem because I've heard every story she has to tell, at least 10 times each. I cant decide if everyone she knows thinks she is worthless (several of her stories are about the time so and so wouldn't let her hold the baby because of her epilepsy, or how her in-laws think her husband should leave her because she couldn't have children.) or if they love her to pieces ( Other stories are about how she just about raised every child in the family, or how some of her nieces look like they were Buna and Jimmies children.). Put that together with a rather judgmental personality, and a poor me attitude and maybe you can see how it would be ... tiring to spend much time with her. One day I'll tell you more about her, because it does me good to vent.

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