Friday, April 23, 2004

Thoughts for today.

I've found some interesting bloggs recently. I check on them almost every day, when I check on those of my friends. I've put some of them in my links list, check them out if you want to. I am always looking for web sites to visit, learning and sharing sites. I'm interested in arts and crafts, like the "Yarn Mad" blog about knitting. I am interested in spiritual growth, learning the philosophy of different groups. I have friends who are not main stream in their life style, so I'd like to find sites that share thoughts and ideas about differing lifestyles. I also have dear friends who are not straight sexually, bi-sexual, transexual, and homosexual, support groups and sites for friends and family would be great. (I'm bi-sexual, and polyamorus) So if you know of any sites I'd like to have them.


I haven't been doing much that is creative lately. Sorting out and unpacking after the move has taken up more time than I'd like, I don't have much left after I read my e-mail, check all my groups, check my favorite Bloggs, clean house, take care of Aidan, and cook dinner. Things will settle down soon I'm sure. Then my only problem will be finding the inspiration or the creative spark to do something. LOL

I'm in a good mood today, even considering I have a head ache. I wish today was Saturday so I could call my friends or family I'd like to talk to someone today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

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