Thursday, April 08, 2004

Sorting and purging.

Those of you who know of my love for books will be surprised to learn that I'm sorting my books and I've already chosen two thirds of them to either sell in a yard sale or to donate to GoodWill. I'm also dumping a lot of the "memorabilia" and those things that I haven't used in over 2 years. I will probably have "too much" stuff when I'm finished so ... LOL But I am making progress.

All this moving with the lifting and such has aggravated my rotator cuff injury, and my right elbow aches. But If I can keep up the pace I'll get everything done in a couple of days, and that will allow the stresses on my arms to get better.

Other than that nothing new is going on. I've been too tired to remember any dreams. I've decided that the studies are right, lack of sleep and physical exhaustion do reduce your IQ score, because I feel like mine is about a 20 or so. LOL I'm ok though, just a little slow and not up to any good conversation.

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