Monday, April 12, 2004

Strange Dreams.

Last night I had a strange dream, not weird or scary, but strange. I was back in college, sometimes I had Aidan with me but other times I was alone. After class I went to the chapel/auditorium, to read as I always did. People were all around laughing, talking, singing and practicing a play. When no one came to pick me up I went looking for my ride. Outside there was a very fancy Taco stand, where I bought a bottle of water. Then I saw a friend of mine and her baby. We walked together for a while until I saw Dannan (for those who don't know, Dannan is my ex husband) and I decided to follow him hoping he would lead me to my ride. We crossed a bridge, my friend was still with me. We talked of Dannan's hobby of making bridges. (He doesn't as far as I know) When we came to the parking garage it was very hot and smelled of gas and oil fumes. I told my friend that she shouldn't go any farther because of the baby and said good bye. I climbed down a ladder into the parking garage. I saw Dannan again, and followed him. I knew that he had seen me, but because we are divorced he didn't want to talk to me. After crossing one level, and going down to the second I saw a white station wagon and knew that it was Marks car, and that he was going to take us home. (Two things, Mark is legally blind, and Aidan had suddenly appeared in my arms again) We got in the car and Howard asked me were I had been for so long. I told him that I'd gone to the auditorium as always, why didn't he come and find me? "Today was different, no classes." He said. We were driving on a divided road, two lanes going our way and two the other. It's in a city with lots of lights. Mark leaned his seat back into the back seat and tried to get Aidan's attention. (He is driving the car from that position) When Aidan finally looks at Mark, he makes a dismissing sound and waves his hand in a go away motion. He was not impressed. I woke up laughing at Marks reaction.

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