Thursday, August 19, 2004

Aidan update.

A few days ago Aidan saw Howard and I kissing, he pushed his way between us like a lot of kids his age do. Once he was up on my lap, he didn't push Howard away, but rather pulled his face closer to mine. We kissed again, he laughed and pushed Howard away, then pulled him in again. I must have gotten 8 or 9 kisses that way! Then when Howard moved away Aidan kissed me and laughed.

He still doesn't talk a lot that we can understand. He understands a lot though. Awhile ago he was pulling the cushions off my chair, I told him that if he didn't stop he would have to sit in his time out chair. He stopped and looked at me with a frown. Then he sat down on the floor to do his little "I don't like it" pout. I wish he would start to communicate better. Trying to guess when he wants something to drink or eat isn't easy.

He has grown so much bigger since summer began. He hasn't been wearing shoes this summer. Yesterday I decided that since he is walking so much these days he'd better start to wear shoes at least outside. He had 3 pairs of shoes, one that he could wear back in March (size 4), another a size larger and the third I believe are a size 6 1/2. The size 6 1/2 are just barely large enough for him. The are kind of cute though, they look like hiking boots. We stopped buy a discount store called Factory 2 You and got him a new pair that are 7's. He, hopefully, will be able to wear these for a little while. They are just plain white tennis shoes. He still walks funny with his shoes on. Lifting his feet up too high and slightly bow legged.

I worry that he is behind other kids his age. It seems that Chris and Allen were talking much more at this age. But then he will do something like figuring out how to reach things that are too high with something long, or by shaking the table so they fall off where he can reach them. Of course I love him no matter what, I just hope that he wasn't damaged by the drugs his bio Mother did before we knew she was pregnant. {sigh} Ok so I'm paranoid. I just love him so much, I'd hate for there to be anything about him that would cause him to suffer later in life.

Ok I've rambled enough. I hope you are all having a wonderful day.


Hennifer said...

How old is he again? I would certainly be happy to talk to you about what I know from my issues with Elijah. Being able to understand is key. He may just be quite. If he doesn't want for things much he might not be vocalizing. Does he spend a lot of time with other children? If you take him to a park you can talk with other parents for input.
Elijah is of course very bright but he has a speech delay, he starts a course in September.

Messed up Mama said...

Hennifer, Aidan is 18 months old now. He vocalizes a lot, it's just not much that we can understand. He says Dada, for Daddy, but it can also mean someone he cares about. He says Yeah, when I ask him if he is awake. He will look me right in the eye and explain something with hand jestures and such, but it's not a language I understand. I know everyone says that it seems like their children are speaking a different language, but he does really repeat the same sentence, the same words, ect. He won't point at his nose or tummy, but he knows where they are, because when I say I'm going to tickle his tummy he will double over or cover it with his hands. He will also hide his nose if I tell him I'm going to wash it. I'd like to talk to you about it if you are willing. Thanks. (PS I think you are beautiful all the time.)