Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Belated Monday Positives

Somehow I forgot that yesterday was Monday. I enjoy the Monday positives so ...

Peaches, I so love the taste and texture of a fresh, ripe peach.
New, Jersey, sheets. (They are so soft and a nice red)
The internet, to help me keep in touch with my family and friends.
Good books that I can read several times with out getting bored.
Soft yarn to knit or crochet with.
Interesting blogs, that allow me to feel like I have a social life.
Spell checker and learning that I spell better than I thought.


Hennifer said...

Thank you, that post made me giggle out loud several times. New Jersey sheets... hehehe I was wondering what was so special about that state that they had sheets named after them, then I woke up! And the part about the spell checker.

Messed up Mama said...

I'm glad that it gave you a smile. I should have added a comma after the New. lol

the girl said...

I like Jersey sheets.