Friday, March 19, 2004

The Doctors visit was short and to the point. In about a month Aidan will have surgery to bring his left testical down into his scrotum they will put in about 2 stiches to hold it in place and the sew up the incision. He will be sent home as soon as the anisthesia wears off. Hopefully everything will be fine then. I've know that this was going to happen since he was 2 days old, but somehow it suprised me anyway. Does that make since? It also was made clear that I am NOT his mother and I have no rights other than those given to me by Howard. I can not sign papers for medical treatment, and I have no say in any of his treatments. Of Course Howard says that I AM Aidans Mom, and that it's only paperwork. I want to adopt him, so that I do have rights. But until we have more money we can't afford to file the paperwork. It makes me feel so ... useless.

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