Monday, March 22, 2004

Random thoughts...

I am feeling strange today, bouncing back and forth between flirtatious and melancholy. Not too deep melancholy, just slightly. If I were writing poetry it would probably be rather dark. Mainly because I don't do bright poetry. LOL Anyway, I've been looking at some interesting blogs lately. Some of them kind of dark. Some of them very happy. Some political, some just normal journaling things. A couple are very sexual, and a few about what sexuality means to them. I'm feeling split, not badly though. Personalities peeking in or something.

Aidan is teething ... but surprised me with a new tooth and no symtoms. Now he has red swollen gums and is kind of whinny. I wish he could tell me what hurts, and that he would let me put baby ambisol on it. Oh well ... we will both live through it.

I feel very lucky that I haven't had some of the problems that some of my friends have had. I've always known who I am, I'm happy inside my body. (Well, it could be alot slimmer, but I'm not too sad about it.) I have someone who loves me very much and lets me be me. I've pulled myself together pretty well.

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