Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Strange things to think about.

I had a strange dream last night. It happened in a house I've drempt of before. I was haveing a party, all the women I knew where there, as I talked to each of them they changed into the men I know. My Mom became my brother Mark, Kelly became my Dad, Nicole became Dannan, Jennifer changed into my brother Cody. I either didn't notice or it seemed normal to me because I didn't worry about it at all. Awake now, I don't know how these people were matched by my mind in that way. None of the conversations were about anything out of the ordenary, for example Nicole was telling me about Xander and how he is doing in school, when she was changeing into Dannan the conversation became more about the school and less about Xander until Dannan was telling me about a school he was thinking of going to work for.

I wonder why some kids remain in the foster care system for years, while others are taken and adopted right away. I've known kids that had parents who were drug addicts, that didn't really care about them, but they were never adopted out, their parents still had parental rights. And then I've known people whose kids are taken away, and within a year they are adopted, their parental rights removed by the courts even though they have expressed the desire to regain their children.

I wonder what a heart attack feels like. I've heard that for women it's differant than it is for men. Can you have a mild heart attack without knowing it?

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