Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I've put off delving into my soul for awhile now. I think I need to take a break and relax some. I don't need to feel emotionally raw all the time. So I'm going to take a rest.

I heard that Christopher is doing ok. He's grown some I guess, and is closer to 6'5" now. But he has a scraggly beard and his hair is very long. He looks unkept, according to my sourse.

My Mom and Dad say that they had a wonderful visit with Allen and Xander. They feel that Allen has grown into a really fine young man. And they commented on how smart Xander is and how wonderful it was to spend time with both of them.

The weather is sunny here today, with temps close to 80, which means that it will be in the 90's in the house. We will have to get insulation in the roof if we get to buy that one mobile home. And a good airconditioner.

I'm tired and stiff, my back hurts and feels locked up from my waist down. My left shoulder hurts somewhat, I'm not sure what I did to it. I think I'm tired because I couldn't turn over in my sleep with out hurting.

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