Monday, March 15, 2004

There was just a news break about the man in Fresno who killed 9 people. The Police think that most if not all of them were his children. 7 Of them were children, It makes me very sad to think of those children. To think that their own Dad could kill them. I wonder what caused him to even think of killing his children. Did he think that the world was just too horrible of a place for his dear children? Did he think that with the children gone He could live a better life? Was he crazy? Was it revenge on the mothers? Was it to keep them from being taken from him? I don't know if I really want the answer, the truth of it might be more horrible than anything I could think of.

I think I've been lucky. I was raised very well, with no racist sterio types. I was raised to believe in fairness, and to judge people for who they are and not what they are. Chris and Allen both have proven to me that they feel the same way, with either actions or comments. I am very proud of them. No matter what they do with their lives as far as working goes, they are good men. I know Allen better now than I do Chris, and he is a little better at keeping in touch with me than Chris is. Plus I have people who can tell me thing about Allen if I need to know what he is up to.

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