Monday, March 29, 2004

A dream

Howard, Aidan and I were on a train, we were on a vacation. The train was old, kind of like the ones that get robbed in old West Movies. When the train stopped, we got off. Then things changed a little, Aidan wasn't there anymore, and Howard and I changed into a Mexican Doctor and Nurse. I think there was a war going on, because there were wounded everywhere. I was trying to help a young man on a platform when I noticed a beautiful woman standing beside me. I knew that I had to keep the young man from looking into her eyes. But I couldn't hold his gaze and he got up and followed her down the street. Other people began to follow them, men, women, and children, but just a few out of the dozens I could see. I turned back to the platform and saw that the young man had died. Then I knew that the beautiful woman was the angel of death. I looked back down the street and saw them comeing back, there were about several more people, includeing a bride holding her veil and the train of her dress over her arm. I knew that they were all dead. Howard was there suddenly (the Mexican Doctor version of him) and I fell into his arms crying. "Dios Mio."

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