Friday, March 26, 2004

Thoughts on my dreams.

Last night I dreamt that I was working at some kind of job that caused me to drive around a lot. I had to go to this house which was being used as an office or something. Except there wasn't any real furniture, a lawn chair and a large box served as office furniture thought it was a waste to use that big house for an office, especially since they didn't even use all of one room and the place was really huge. The outside of the house had a lot of sand around it, no grass or trees. Somehow I felt like I shouldn't be outside, so I went in. There were a few people in the house. Howard was playing with the cell phone, Allen and Christopher's Dad was sitting in the one chair in the room. I needed to sit down but couldn't so I leaned against the wall and watched everyone else. Howard somehow figured out how to make Don's phone play "This Old Man" even though there was no call coming through. (Don is Allen and Christopher's dad.) It was funny to watch him trying to figure out what was happening. In real life my cell phone was ringing and then the house phone rang and I woke up.

I was talking to Howard about my dream from the other night, He thinks that maybe the groupings of people was because I somehow feel the same about the women as I do about the men. So now I need to analyze how I feel about the people I can remember and see if he is right.

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